About Me and My Work

I have always loved my work. That’s a rather incredible thing to be able to say. With much luck, I landed where my talent fit, and where I could both grow and contribute.

I retired from the Delhaize Group (a global food retailer) as Executive Vice President of Strategic Organizational and Leadership Development. My expertise was in organizational innovation, large culture change, senior level leadership development and organizational transitions of all kinds. I liked the chaos and the creativity that produces a good place to work and therefore takes good care of customers. I created my own core of leadership practices for the emerging workplace that I use today with clients and write about on my blog, CEO: Note To Self.

I enjoyed the cross-cultural demands of working throughout many companies and countries—Belgium, Greece, Thailand, Romania, Bulgaria and the United States. I now work as an Executive Coach, especially with OD executives facing the challenges of a new kind of workplace. I live and work in both Maine and Mexico. Once again, I am lucky.

My style in all my work and writing—take a look at my three weekly blogs—is somewhat non-traditional, always down to earth, usually with a unique point of view, and always challenging to me and clients and colleagues. I don’t like easy. Why not grow and create and contribute?

And laugh at the same time.


I am the mother of five adult children
I like to create and play
I am serious about living life fully
I am married to a former marriage counselor and author
I am a bona fide bookworm
I enjoy breaking a rule or protocol every once in a while
I carry around a red coffee cup most of the time
I have fun while doing hard work
I like hard work
I love laughing hard