Executive Coaching

I understand intimately the demand and dynamics of the CEO role—and that of other top leadership roles. I have worked in the field of Strategic Organizational Development for 25 years. My expertise is in working with large organizations on whole system change, top executive personal and professional development and creating the architecture (policy, practices, rituals, habits) for a strong, energized workforce based on fairness and the opportunity to express their individual talent. My professional work has been about growing exceptional leaders and executives including more than 15 contemporary CEO’s of large companies. I have worked closely supporting their leadership development and have been a close adviser on their organizational challenges. I chose to work inside one large group of companies, the Delhaize Group, a global food retailer, where the grit of the work of transformation was both challenging and worthwhile. My last position for Delhaize was as Executive Vice-President of Strategic Organizational Development. I now work as a global executive coach.

I have always loved my work. I was lucky enough to land in positions that needed my kind of skill and allowed me to grow as the company did. I liked my colleagues. We laughed, learned, told the truth to one another and created good results. That’s how I like to coach. We take a real organizational challenge, pair it with how the executive needs to grow, take different action to see what we learn and are very frank about what works and what kind of boldness is needed. Every executive coach has a different flavor and approach. I’ve been told by clients that my ‘flavor’ is practical about the business need, deeply insightful about the person, creative in approaches to action for the leader and good humored and accepting.

I hope this is true! I know we laugh a lot and move forward each time we meet. I am serious about the worldwide need for good, effective leadership.

I challenge any leader I work with to be serious about the same.

Further details about my coaching methodology and background are available upon request.

Client comments are available here.