One on One Consulting

I am available for one-on-one consulting with top executives. Consulting is different from coaching. I share more of my experience, I give more pure advice and usually the work is more urgent and confidential. Truthfully, coaching overlaps with consulting but executive coaching is mostly about leadership growth and consulting is more about solving a specific problem or tough individual issue. Coaching is planned and executed over time. Consulting is more ad hoc and immediate. To offer examples:

  • I work with top OD executives to design approaches to culture change, design retreats, handle tough terminations, and develop succession plans.
  • I help CEO’s think through structural changes and talent placement. I help assess urgent situations for action. I answer direct questions and serve as a sounding board on decisions that can’t be shared internally.
  • I advise top leaders about cross-cultural work and how to be effective in another culture and how to fine tune the skills and attributes needed.

Basically, I’m a good thought partner to have in a tough situation.

Client comments are available here.

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