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I love teaching and headed the Training and Learning function in my work as EVP of Learning and Organizational and Talent Development at Delhaize. I have given many keynote addresses to large audiences and have structured many educational presentations and workshops. Any teaching I do is high on good content, group participation and innovative design. Otherwise I would be bored—and a bored or rote teacher is, well, awful. Participants can count on fun, humor, clear learning goals, lots of exploration and a challenge to action. I like to create an easy environment that encourages humor and frankness and depth. I like it when I am excited about a topic and the audience is too. Client comments are available here.





I Pray Anyway


READINGS: I introduce the topic of ambivalence in faith and its relevance to me and provide the audience with some background and data. I read and then comment about what prompted me to write that specific excerpt. I usually end up with the audience taking part in some way if only sharing a point of view with another participant or perhaps more in depth conversation across the participants. I love nothing better than to tailor what I read to the specific audience. I adapt the method to the time allowed. I prefer 45 to 90 minutes.

WORKSHOPS & PRESENTATIONS: I focus on the gap created by the phenomena of the ‘nones’ (people with no religious affiliation) and how it leaves people without spiritual comfort or commonality. There is also a segment regarding the misperceptions about prayer and building a tailor-made devotional practice. As one reader said, “Even skeptics can pray.”

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WORKSHOPS & PRESENTATIONS: I focus on the blind spots of power and the emerging skills and leadership model for CEO’s and upper level executives and cover working with the invisible aspects of leading such as managing organizational pain, building optimism, and the kinds of glue that hold a company together today. These topics can be condensed or expanded from 90 minutes to 3 hours to a day long.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: This address gives an overview of the blind spots, solutions for them and a model of the unique leadership skills for the modern workforce.

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Truth Burps


READINGS & PRESENTATIONS: I focus on the topics and stories in my Truth Burps blog. Since the topics are universal—funny and sad and angry and wry—the audience usually participates with questions and discussion in small groups.

WORKSHOPS: I focus on intuition and accessing your spontaneous truth. Hearing yourself through writing, through silence and through quick responses are some of the techniques that are used. The importance of intuition in life or business is highlighted and supported by research shared in mini-lectures between the practice of techniques.

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