Monday, September 22nd, 2014

1—2—3 UNPLUG

Due to a change in schedule, I have a clear calendar for this week coming up.
I’ve already declared a vacation for myself–at home.

Now let’s see if I can unplug.
In my CEO coaching I see how hard it is to unplug for most top executives.
And I also see how it would help judgment, decisions, perspective and  holding to priorities if only they could unplug if only for a couple of hours a week.

Unplug means:
Stop working on your “should” list
Catch your breath and hear yourself think.
Doing something unplanned for the fun of it
Running away, playing hooky, disappearing
Playing, creating, think hobby.
Managing your guilt or your fear of disconnecting.
Letting yourself lie fallow so new thoughts can grow
Re-gathering yourself.
Being confident enough that you will not lose control or your “place”

Let’s see if I can unplug
There are so many barriers to doing it without leaving home or the office.
I’ll think of it as a mini-sabbatical.
Here I go
1–2–3  Unplug.


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