Blind spots of power come with the CEO role no matter how good or true or well-intended you are

I know because I worked closely with many outstanding CEO’s and hundreds of top leaders

My experience was long term and up close

I participated in their tears (yep) and their triumphs

Acquisitions, restructures, large hopeful changes

Some worked—some gummed up the works

I hired and fired and developed and discussed and assessed top talent

I participated in strategy creation and new business evaluation

I created many a top leader summit

I was an executive coach (long before the term was invented)

My CEO’s and top leaders, as I now know with more distance, were/are a fine bunch

Still they were often unaware of growing blind spots

Some fought it with vigilant self-awareness

Others remained blind

I write this blog to honor our work together

I too have had power blindness

Every top leader does—no, no, no, no, no—you do—I promise

I write to remind you of, and to remove for a moment, the blinders of power

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