Monday, September 26th, 2016



You live in a hierarchy and therefore you live in an universe of power and you become blind to it when you are the major power holder of the hierarchy.  And in all probability, as a modern CEO, you are a nice enough guy and quite adept at using your power lightly.
So I am reminding you about how you are in the eyes of your company. You give and you take away. You reward and you don’t. You smile and talk or you don’t. And people watch. They notice. 
Think of this as a glimmer of a lesson you have forgotten. Think about how you mute yourself when you have an opportunity you don’t want to mess up. Think of how eager you are to please you global boss ready to drive the car to pick her  up. You are just as scared about disapproval from above. You are equally if not more sensitive to the issue of pay. You choose carefully where you sit at a table at a Board meeting. You quiver to power shift.
And you are just as eager to do good work and and just as dramatically turned off by lack of recognition as every person is in your company. Just as human as any person who works for you about how to live in a world maintained by positions of power.


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