Monday, December 2nd, 2013


Gratitude for you as a leader is a great measure of the kind of job you are doing.  I have appreciated some of my bosses.  I have liked some of my bosses.  I supported all of my bosses.  

But I have been grateful for only a few.  
Here’s what they did:

They trusted my style and it was not that of corporate America (whatever that is).

They gave me great breadth to use my creativity and skills.

They made sure I understood the dynamics of the business—money making, 
people systems and functions.

They set context for my work so that I could work freely.  I understood the point in time the business was in and its history.  I “got” the strategy.

They demanded good work from me.  They expected good work from me.

They had a sense of humor when things went wrong.

They stayed the course in both the business strategy and who they were.  There was no Jekyll and Hyde dynamic.

They wanted good things for ALL the associates of the business.

They took their power role with a grain of salt.

They were likable and real.

They were competent.

They kept stretching the competency of themselves and the company.

Mostly, I knew that I would like to go through tough times with them.
Now, that’s a compliment.  Would your people say the same?


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