Monday, December 23rd, 2013


There are all kinds of ways to be an executive scrooge.
None of them are great for business.
Check yourself out:

Do you cut interactions  short to save time and miss the crux of the issue?

Is every conversation focused on cost rather than growth?

Are you afraid that recognition will make people work less hard?

Are you afraid that stating a problem publicly will make it worse?

Do you use too few words to communicate context and direction?

Are you stingy with raises and praise?

Do you withhold promotions too long so they are almost insulting?

Do you always look for deficiency first?

Is your first response “No”?

Do you wait too long to give major development opportunities to top people?

Stinginess can wither a business and create an atmosphere of contraction rather than of expansion and possibility.  Money is so not the only currency for an executive scrooge.  So spend more–time, attention, development, respect,
information about the business.  Spend, spend, spend.


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