Sunday, February 12th, 2017


I had to check to see if I was jaded. I’ll tell you why. 
I checked my digital account of HBR and didn’t want to open the magazine.
–How to Win and Keep Customers
–Where to Find Hypergrowth
–What Keeps CEO’s Awake at night
–Building a Workforce for the Future
–How to Learn From Failure

Well, OK. I worked on these same topics for 25 years. I began to hear, “blah, blah, blah” in my ears.
Not good. These same topics used to excite me and I actually did great innovative work with my colleagues on each of them. Is it the grinding sameness of what goes on in any business?  Or, has their been no progress?
I do remember the jaded responses of some of my bosses when I was new in OD and had endless enthusiasm about what could be done along with a dose of naivete both of which helped me do very bold work in all the above areas.  

I write in the middle of a blizzard in New England so I have some time for musing due to wonderful, wonderful cancellations. So here I sit. And I begin to get interested. 
–Win and Keep Customers sounds like they are objects you use to win a game. 
  Food for thought there. What if we changed that to liking our customers, glad to see customers
  knowing them intimately
–Why Hypergrowth?  What if we don’t have room for growth as the ultimate answer. What if rightsizing 
  actually meant something and was the optimal size for maintaining good enough profits?
–Building a Workforce for the Future. What if workforce needs are universal across age cultures and so are NOW
  not the future–like meaning, using talents, flexibility, engagement in team production, recognition of contribution,
  authenticity in leadership to name a few.

So now I’m interested. How did that happen?  
–I had time to be dissatisfied and think without the need for resolution or action
–I had irritation that let me think new thoughts about perennial topics
–I started by being against not for and it spurred my interest
–I used other’s thought to jump start my own

So maybe I’m not jaded but is something that creeps up on top leaders.
Think about it.


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