Monday, February 20th, 2017


I just spent time writing about the glue that connects people to an organization.
I liked it. I was articulate and passionate–the kind of moment that doesn’t always happen.
AND I lost it, deleted it, sent it to some cloud. And my response is ARGHHHHH!

Could I receate it? Probably. Will I? No. Not now anyway.
But it made me remember the ARGHHH feeling that top leaders experience and learn to live with as a very regular part of their job.  And the ability to manage an organizational ARGHH moment is a CEO skill that separates you from the rest. It may be fundamental.

What does a solid CEO do with AARGH moments?
–Sees that it is indeed an unredeemable event
–Quits fighting the facts
–Gets mad and sad (yes, sad) with one or two trusted colleagues
–Stays quiet and thoughtful for awhile–ie. shuts the door, goes and touches the daily business
–Sighs, breathes and lets go
–Gets good perspective before action
–Keeps stable (there is a CEO attribute if ever there was one)
–Weighs the common good
–Creates a new path
–Moves on

This process can take an hour or a business quarter or a year.
Most of us are too fast or too slow and get stuck on one of the steps.
It is the art of the CEO to know what to do in the ARGHHHHH moments in their company and how to move through them.

And I will come back to the glue that holds a company together.
Just not now. I’m still fighting the fact.


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