Monday, June 27th, 2016


CEO as parent. Sounds kind of awful and wrong in a way.
And then it doesn’t.

Of course it used to be paternalistic (which weakens self-motivation) and punitive (which kills independent action) and strict (which stifles creativity).
Great combo, huh? Sounds kind of ‘command and control’ doesn’t it?
Frightened parents and leaders still use it.

Here is what healthy parenting looks like and how it pertains to leaders:

–Firm about the few rules and values necessary for the family to function

–Nurturing of talent and interests and willing to invest in them

–Intolerant of behaviour that doesn’t help the child become capable in the world

–Teaching the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ constantly

–Coaching in the moment when a shift in attitude or behavior is needed

–Reminding that the good of the whole is the goal

–Being respectful with words that can bury deep if they are derogatory

–Introducing new experiences and points of view

–Allowing free time for exploration without guidance

Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to you top leaders.


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