Sunday, June 12th, 2016


It can be difficult for CEO’s to get helpful feedback about their performance and their needed development.  And they need it just as much as any other associate does. Boards get oddly negligent about doing it with any depth and 
direct reports just don’t tell the emperor that he or she is wearing no clothes.

Here is a CEO REPORT card that I developed to be used with a Board of Directors:

—Strategy Development
   Is there a clear and winning strategy for the entire company?

—Board Relationships
   Are there professional, productive relationships with Board memebers that are 
   both collaborative and challenging?

—Talent Depth and Development
   Are succession plans in place?
   Is there a talent planning and development process in place?

—Future Growth and Innovation
   Is there exploration and experimentation for future growth and are they 
   supported with resources and accountability?

  Does the CEO have an accurate view of results, challenges and culture
  across the company and a method to validate what is sensed?

   Does the CEO have the emotional intelligence and self-awareness to support  
   good judgment and perspective 

   Is there appropriate urgency for needed change balanced by the correct scope and ability of the organization to manage the changes?

—Making Meaning
   Does the CEO create a narrative to support strategy and growth that creates
   enthusiasm and common direction among all associates

Take a pause for thought and evaluate yourself or ask a trusted colleague to do this with you.


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