Monday, September 14th, 2015


There are so many platitudes about change and mistakes that go with them.

‘Change is hard but change is good’.
Riiiiight—if you are the changer,not the changee!

‘Change is the only constant’.
Doesn’t have to be if you hold on to loyalty and values and common culture.

Oh Bah.  Here’s the truth.  My truth, my charter for change:

If need for change is created together and the future has some possibility for good and people can hang on to their history (good and bad) and the act of change does not destroy trust in leadership, then it still hurts, BUT it is worth the pain and can be exhilarating and draw people into a powerful unity.

If the above is not true, then change can be seen as:
—survival threatening

Now, go send your people out to do excellent customer service feeling distracted, scared, confused, not understanding what’s going on and hopeless.


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