Monday, October 10th, 2016


I’m thinking about the recent hurricane and other big emergencies that companies have to face. I worked with a large food retailer in The United States
that faced plenty of natural crises as will as business disruptions.

And these disasters brought out high level organizational  performance in each situation. Why? And why does it take near disaster or worse to get extraordinary 
execution and engagement?  Here are a few thoughts:

—The priority is clear. All extraneous activity is eliminated.

—Decisions have to be made and so they are.

—People at all levels have to make decisions without regard to position or fear of failure. The only failure is no decision.

—Top leaders come in close. Their presence is felt and heard.

—Everyone knows that what they are doing is very important.

—There is an altruistic impulse to help one another. Generosity prevails,

—There is a very clear call to action.

So the challenge is how to get this kind of clarity without the crisis!

Have you seen the same dynamic? 
Let me know.
I’m curious.
Was my experience unique?


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