Monday, April 17th, 2017


I have worked in many countries and have been there durng Easter time.
Each celebrates Easter differently.
I am in Maine for Easter this year. I came home from Mexico for a week for family birthdays, business and Easter too.
I was surprised to see two major supermarkets closed for Easter Sunday.
Everything would be closed in Mexico, so why was I surprised?
Not sure.
I guess I view the US as primarily secular.
Or pragamatic.
Or so pluralistic that we wouldn’t close the doors to non Easter celebrating people.
I got curious about the decision.
Was it sales numbers for Easter Sunday in the past?
Was it to be good to employees?
Was it to please customers?
Who made the decision?
Has the store always been closed on Easter Sunday?
What were the factors involved in the decision.
What was discussed?
Was it an easy, automatic decision or complex and heated?

How does a CEO or top executive not become blind to how decisions are made or more importantly, the impact of the¬†decision. ¬†I’m curious.


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