Monday, January 13th, 2014


Consultants want you to need them.
They need you to need them.
Seems obvious but don’t be blind to the moment when they are leading you, not vice versa.

Consultant Red Flags for Top Execs:

1.  You can’t articulate the exact outcome that you want to accomplish with the use of the consultants.

2.  You don’t have a precise end point for the work to be done. You are stalling.

3.  Your direct reports are taking action based on the consultants advice —informing  but not involving you.

4.  You spend more time with the consultants than with your direct reports.

5.  You expect the consultants to make you job easier and they do.  (Managing/
leading consultants is just as hard as managing anyone else. Should not be easy)

6.  The ROI is being traded for placating and feeling good about yourself.

7.  The cultural language of the company has become that of the consulting group.

8.  The work space of the consultants has begun to look like home.

9.  The consultants attend major company meetings.

10. There is no feedback loop or performance discussion between you and the


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