Monday, January 23rd, 2017


Yes, I am arguing for prudence. I who have spent much professional work enabling organizations to be looser, more authentic, more spontaneous, more direct, and daring.
And that is still my stance. Tightening and bureaucracy tends to come over time and after
facing continuous competition with not much free space in the market. Massaging the organization into freer creativity and fluidity of action is better than exploding all systems into chaos.
At this moment in time, we tend to think communication and change can happen immediately. Or so it looks. Communication, maybe. Real change, no. You can get fake, cosmetic change on the surface of your company while the dead weight of resistance and chaos goes on below.
In other words, you can not Tweet your company into a new reality. Or you create resistance.
Yes, I do base this on watching the elections and the impact in the United States.  And I don’t like it as a model for business. Or change. The right amount of prudence sits squarely on the CEO desk.  I view it as a business and financial wisdom, not as scared caution.


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