Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Everybody Raise Your Hand

Hand raising is a very healthy exercise for your company.  Volunteering, taking initiative, starting a project, raising an objection, developing a new idea.   Hand raising shows the willingness to expend energy, to give, to say “yes”.

 You as the CEO or top leader always have your hand raised.  “Hey Board,  Call on me. Listen to me.  Here’s what we will do, have to do, can do , are doing.  Here’s an answer.”” Hey EC  How about we, let’s settle this, let’s create that.”  You are always in a state of raising your hand.  Great.  But do you have a hand raising organization? Do you create access to important work?  Posting is a wonderful hand raising tool.  Even at the executive level.  Raising your hand says, “I want this, I’ll expose my flaws to have a chance to do it.  I have energy for this.”  Passive talent planning systems that move talent like pawns can induce a subtle passivity and lack of tangential intitiative.  Does your organization post for important projects?  Can people drop into your office to share a thought?  Do people pull others together to create opportunity.  Is their an eager even irritating energy to say “Look at me, call on me, let me do this?”

 Hand raising means, “Yes I want to and I think I can”.   So check to see if you are numb from having your hand raised all the time.  Maybe not raised as much as yanked.  Ask yourself as CEO, “Do I have a hand raising organization AND more importanty, ask yourself at this stage of your career and power  “What do I actually want to  raise my hand for?”


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