Monday, March 6th, 2017


I am moving into a new office and used that move as an opportunity to shed books and materials from my 25 years in Organizational and Leadership Development. Every once in 
awhile I bumped into some good ones.

I helped create the systems and structure to create a “learning organization” as an EVP of The Delhaize Groupp. I designed many a leadership retreat and a leadership college and a hi-potential annual event and many other systemic approached to learning across the various companies.  Here are the principles that seemed to work to actually have an impact on leaders that lasted into their future roles:

—Experiencing something again that refreshed, rekindled, reaffirmed their excitement about leading

—Learning with a team and giving and receiving support for learning

—Experiencing a free-flowing learning climate that made creativity and risk- taking into a learning experiment not a life or death moment

—Having a satisfying personal achievement during the learning–trying something very different that worked

—Broadening horizons with new people, new culture, new location

—Learning from feedback from others in the learning event

—Overcoming a low point in the experience and how to come back from it

—Having an intense experience which is vivid enough or deeply stirring to have a direct and lasting effect. 

—Learning to learn from an experiential process that improves individual ability to learn
from experience

—New learning that has an “aha” feel to it by recognizing patterns, seeing connections and seeing systems and interrelationships for the first time 

Training is very very very important for skills.
Learning is very very very important for top leader development

Some of the peak moments in my formal career were  designing learning and seeing the design do its work. The design carries the work and the facilitators should be invisible and not needed by the end of the learning time together. It was so darned fun

PS–I will be on Sabbatical in Mexico and will be on a personal retreat for the first two weeks.
I’ll see you again on March 27th!


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