Saturday, September 3rd, 2016


Are you an adrenaline junkie? Probably. The morass of ‘in your face’  issues you have to deal with and the boredom of day to day demands that don’t seem to move the needle make you vulnerable to loving the crisis, the big magic change,
the latest leadership innovation.

What can be called ‘boring’ can also be incredibly satisfying:

—How about being “well run”?

—How about regarding strong management and supervision as key to smooth days?

—How about toning down overly dramatic language of the “best in class, worst showing, amazing, stellar, excellent, peak, burning platform”?  It’s an odd habit of pumping everything up to a life or death urgency. 

—How about being patient with a project to allow it to come to fruition. No helicopter parenting of innovation.

—How about the value of trudging to get where you want to go? Left foot, right foot.?

—How about setting your own pace and running the race according to plan?

—How about giving your organization a break?

If these questions make you scornful or seem naive, then go have your adrenal
glands checked for exhaustion. Just a thought.


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