Sunday, October 23rd, 2016


Don’t start by telling me why it can’t be done.
If you run the company, it can be.

So here is what I’m thinking about:
–What if you as the CEO or top leader quit spreading yourself so thin by having your calendar filled with visits to various parts of your company equally distributed?

–What if you went and lived with a banner, a function, a country for a 
substantial amount of time. You can have your regular calendar clogging rote meetings long distance. (They matter less than you think unless you make them worthwhile for you.)

–What if you picked a function that was under performing or doing something very innovative and set up an office smack dab in the middle of their work setting  and worked from it for say 3-6 months.  People could drop in.You could wander. And of course you can shut your darn door and do what you have to do, but the informal contact and information would bring radical learning to extrapolate. 

–What if you touched the grit of your business enough to lead with a sure touch and strategy

–What if you became one of your customers long enough or often enough to
speak for them from an up close experience?

How on earth do you run your company without grit?
How do you fight the forces to become only conceptual?
How do you know you are making the right changes without deep knowledge?
How do you know enough to trust your gut and your intuition?

Going deeper for a longer time would give you the right stuff to work with rather than short shallow snippets that don’t ground you fully for tough decisions.


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