Sunday, April 14th, 2013


People who read this CEO Note to Self  I write often talk as if I ‘m writing it for everyone but themselves.
“THEY need it.  THEY just don’t get this.  THEY would never understand this.  THEY are too old, too young, too crusty dusty, too hip and trendy, too old school, too gen x, millenials, whatever.   THEY run big companies–corporate America (whatever that is). THEY run small start-up companies.  THEY are publicly held.   THEY are privately owned.  THEY are global.  THEY are domestic.  THEY are logistics driven.  THEY are product driven.  Cost.  Sales.  Vertical.  Horizontal.  
I honestly wish it made a difference.
The dynamics I see cut across all of this.
Whether five associates or 15000 associates,  you still have to talk and tell and listen and sell and co-create your message constantly.
You still have to be ahead of your market and help the organization to see the/a future worth working toward.
You still have to test and trust your talent and grow them or help them move on.
You still have to  do good executive delegation–giving the job not the task.
You sill have to create enough collaboration to get that something extra from a team while letting individuals push boundaries.
You still have to guard your integrity and that of your company.
You still have to hold the core business while innovating the next iteration.
On and on.
A top leader is a top leader is a top leader is a top leader.
I’m writing to you.


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