Sunday, April 2nd, 2017


I’m kind of, sort of, maybe writing in defense of Vice-President Pence’s stance about never meeting or dining out with a woman alone, other than his wife.

There are all kind of things to say about that stance and they are being said.
—non-thinking stupid evangelical. Heck, Christ did it all the time and with all kinds of women
—overly sexed man who is so easily led into temptation
—big ego guy thinking all women are unable to resist him
—marginalizes women who will get ignored by him for important positions
—makes women a sex object to be avoided

These are a few  of the things being said. And, at first, I said, “Right on. He is a prissy throw back to the 50’s. He’s not a modern man. He can’t understand the Pussy Brigade.
(I gag on the word. I’m over 50 by quite a bit)

Then I paused to think about my experience in the world and in large organizations.
Here is what my experience says:

Being in power puts you in a very vulnerable position. Man or woman, people will want alone time to influence you. It is a very natural instinct. By the way, women are way better at it having been one down for a long time. We learn. The under dog kisses up.

I’ve seen quite a few relationships start with wine and fun and alone time, that end up sliding into something more that ends up hurting work and family and careers. Certainly may have happened anyway, but better outside the realm of work.

Leaders are human. They need and want comfort. They want reassurance that they are doing a good job. Men don’t do that so well with one another. Women have been trained to it.
And it does happen the other way around, with women in the top role and men supporting and comforting. I, personally have not seen it become sexual with women leaders.

Sex is.

Knowing personal from professional and minding that boundary does matter. Pence is just a little rigid about it. But not a fool. Not a fool.


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