Monday, May 26th, 2014


I am curious about the dynamic of why organizations don’t learn or are slow to learn or lag about 10-15 years behind the rest of the world.

I’d love to hear from any of you on this topic.
I’m just puzzling on it.

Just look at recent titles from The Harvard Business Review
(Which I do count on and read cover to cover).

“Engaging Doctors in the Health Care Revolution”
I shake my head.
Motivation, innovation, accelerated results only work with the involvement of all people impacted by major systemic change. This is not rocket science. Or new.
Yes, it takes time but saves huge wasted effort later not to mention avoids kicking up gigantic resistance.
Does no one remember the 70’s efforts of Quality Circles, Search Conferences and Self -Managed Work Teams?  

“Women Find Your Voice”
Wow. Really. Thanks for the invitation!
Did we skip a generation of women?
Remember Assertiveness Training for Women in Business?
The hundred of books about men and women differences?
All the support for talent development of women?
The wave of authenticity over adapting?
I’m talking the 70’s again. Where did that learning go?
Women’s voices is not the issue. Creating an environment where truth can be told from all voices–irritating,smart, creative, dull, linear, slow, fast, introverted
on and on.  Your job CEO.

“How to Spot Talent–(Hint: Experience is Overrated)”
What about changing job requirements to be about behavior not only schooling or previous jobs.
What about spelling out qualities not only experience like initiative, idea generation, able to share work and results for hiring requirements?
Or, open access to posting of jobs? Or just posting all jobs? Use a broad filter to find hidden talent?
Again, all worked on in the 70’s.  
Let people jump levels. No career ladder.  Leaps up and sideways and zig-zag.

Work/Life balance?
Execution blues?
Value of play at work?

As if these topics were new!
Or did I work during some kind of company Camelot?
What goes on here?

I am well aware of companies being very live organic systems that develop and adapt and are never stable.  But I’m talking about persistent learning problems.
What is it about the organization that it produces the same type of issues over and over and over again?  A couple with this dynamic would go to therapy or dissolve. What’s up with this?  The seventies were a long time ago.


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