Monday, June 23rd, 2014


I wrote the need to allow people to change in my personal blog/column this week,  The phrase “truth burp” actually  came from my work as an EC member in a global company. Sometimes organizational indigestion needed a good truth burp!!

We always put the onus for change on the person we are developing (or 
coercing).  We give feedback, we write development plans, we pay money for a coach AND then we have a hard time seeing any real progress.  So we tolerate.

There are two sides to the coin for personal and professional growth.
One is the individual’s effort.  The other side is allowing and supporting the change.  

Try changing when the label you carry is wide spread.
Not Strategic. Poor Execution.  Lacks Vision. Too Hard on People
Too Soft on People.  Need Leadership Voice.  Failed Project.

Professional change in business is public.
It can be embarrassing.
People will make fun of the efforts and criticize it–saying it’s only ambition is at play
Or it will be seen as political placating –a  spitting in the wind exercise.

But the hardest task  for you as a top leader is to:
Let the label go.
See the person with new eyes.
Notice small steps of progress
Give enough time for new behavior to emerge
Not wait too long to demand the change
Be sincere, not cynical
Create an atmosphere where change can happen.

You have to change as well.


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