Sunday, March 9th, 2014


I’m thinking about Tom Peter’s today and his book Passion for Excellence.
If you don’t have the book (or the passion) go get it.
The tenets of the book hold over time.

One of the basics of his research about excellence was the habit of leaders to wander around. It was called Management by Wandering Around.  By the way, it was not called Leaders Deigning to Say Hello with a wave like the Pope’s.

It was about staying in touch with the people and the business by talking and probing and guiding and listening by walking around without any intention but connection.  It should be one of the most nourishing things a leader can do–for the business and it’s people, but primarily for you as the top leader.

Don’t be blind to the fact that you can become under-nourished yourself as you get too distant from the life blood and vitality of your enterprise.  You lose the passion for what your business is about.  You lose the pleasure of leading.
You lose the advantage of seeing and hearing future possibilities (and problems) before they emerge too late.  And don’t be blind to the fact that much of leadership is managing.  Managing is a good thing, not a lesser thing than leading.  Try a little MANAGING by wandering around. Less grandiose.  More effective.  More fun.


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