Sunday, August 13th, 2017


I am a former Executive Vice President for the Delhaize Group.
I loved my work and it’s not often that my backgroud of Organizational Development gets
recognized as a value adding function that sits at the top table of the company.
So I’m proud of Delhaize for seeing the contribution and proud of my work.
Great. I say this to show I have some expertise and experience in business.

AND I have also written a book on prayer and my ambivalence about organized religion and the tendency for all religions to think they are ‘right’. The title is I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for the Ambivalent. I am well read in religions and theology. I read it for fun. And I pray my way, anyway,

I have not formally released the book but soon I will. It is available on Amazon and got a good review by Kirkus.  I have a website soon ready to go live. It will carry my three blogs and other fun writing. They have separate themes but one voice. Mine

I am now coming to the point.
I have been told by many marketers (some excellent) that I can’t write on both topics. (Make that three topics and more to come.) I have to have clear market channels.I shouldn’t water down my authority. Keep the two separate. Well, I can’t. I won’t. I hate to be fenced in.

And I smile at this past week and my business meetings. I met with a man wanting to
begin to do corporate OD and T work with companies. We met for 90 minutes. We talked business for 30. The rest of the time was spent on The Quran and how it is numerically constructed in a highly complex way that indicates its authentic. He is a submitted Muslim. We had a subset conversation about my interent in learning how to discuss when there is no wiggle room (no learning no listening) because all parties have absolute certitude.

I met with an HR executive and we did spend most of the time on the work I was going to do with his team but we also talked about heaven and hell. He had a goofy and brilliant and interesting theory that they both exist. It had to do with time and the experience of the brain.

I rest my case. People are multi-faceted. Connections are where new thought come through that can cause change and creativity and production and profit. Don’t make your marketing channel so strict that new ideas can’t get in. Allow for some blurring to allow for the unexpected opportunity.


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