Monday, December 12th, 2016


I just posted on my personal blog ( about how literally, physically slowing down boosted my productivity and my satisfaction during a busy, frantic holiday season.
You do know that speed and the hysterical “more, better, faster” mantra is a contagious dis-ease in your company, don’t you?  There is a principle in systems theory that what goes on at the largest or top level of a system is mirrored at the smaller or bottom level.  “What is within surrounds you.” 
Two business books solidified my thinking. One is WHIPLASH: How to Survive Our Faster Future by Joi Ito and Jeff Howe. The Other is: FOCUS: The Hidden Driver of Excellence.
Slower or slow just may be an important quality for your organization.
—opens up space to see more clearly
—allows depth of thinking for new ideas
—takes your brain out of “fight or flight” thinking
—creates real engagement–not the assessment kind
—let’s you course correct more as you head toward the result
—develops intrinsic satisfaction in the work
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Speed needs to be regulated in your business
by Daniel Goleman  

Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future

Dec 6, 2016

by Joi Ito and Jeff Howe


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