Monday, September 1st, 2014


As a the top leader, it’s good to make your assumptions overt.
If you don’t –well, you know–people will work to guess them
And they will guess wrong.
If you are blind about your own assumptions, get a sounding board 
fast. You to be able need to see what is writ large in your company.

Here are my assumptions about you the reader:

–You are at Senior level or C-Suite level or  you want to be.

–You understand that your power and role make it hard to
get an accurate read of the pulse of your company

–You think you have a better understanding than you do

–You think because you value opinions and are open that people
   tell you their truth
–You have worked on your own development but have not created
   your own approach to alleviate the power differential you carry

–You are a good leader and business person or you wouldn’t care   
   enough to read these comments

–You like power and have enough self-awareness to have achieved 
   a top role

–Most people maximize the positive and minimize the negative when
  they talk to you

–By the time you are made aware of an issue it is bigger than
  you would like or bigger than you are told

–The longer you are in the top role, the more skewed your perception 
  may be due to familiarity, habit and people’s over adapting to you

–The power dynamics I am talking about get exaggerated during
   tough times

–Blind spots come with the top role regardless of your awareness

–You need to be reminded that you have them 

–You’ll know when on hits home for you. Some won’t.

–The top job is lonely, is isolating, is ridiculously difficult and
  you often act like it isn’t and forget it is

–You are the emperor and you don’t have on any clothes and the 
   silence is complete


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