Monday, June 9th, 2014


A colleague of mine, Bob Stapleton and our colleague (and my daughter)
Megan Wilson run an Intensive New Model Leadership Retreat of 3 days.  “Intense” is the apt word in that title.  So is “new”.  We keep our hands to the fire of wrestling with what a new leadership model needs to be in today’s world.

As always, we demand that the theoretical thinking be linked to an important result needed by the leaders.  That’s just good learning design.  

The interesting dynamic is that all participants agree that the present leadership  models stink.  They no longer fit for organizations, government, churches, public sector, you name it. Strong agreement about that. Easy to say”no”.

But not so easy to come up with what to say “yes” to. Here’s the problem with that. The DNA or memory yarn of the old leadership behavior will be the default position if you don’t have a new model to guide your company.

We are in a time of immense transition in many dimensions at this time in history. Not that we haven’t always been, but not with the velocity, and the extreme elements and fragility of our world today.

So don’t be blind to the fact that the leadership model that you learned and succeeded with is NOT the one needed to go forward. Most leadership models describe what is, not what needs to be.  

I’ll share some models for the next several weeks to let you cherry pick what you think is needed to include for your own unique leadership model.
The good part of mega transitions and nobody knowing what to do is you are very free to create. Have to create. The bad part is if you don’t.


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