Monday, December 1st, 2014


First of all, ego is not bad. Ego helps you want to achieve, to be big in the world, and to be seen and heard. It protects you.  In fact it is all about you.
Unless you are familiar with your ego and know when it is being under utilized
or over utilized, your impact can be unintended.  A skill of a top leader is to 
have the self awareness to understand where she or he is on the continuum of ego. Healthy ego live in the middle, neither too small nor too big for the situation.

Symptoms of too small?
–you resent success of others
–you always (emphasis on “always”) put others first
–you give up too soon on influencing others
–you think your voice is not heard
–you don’t get noticed for good work

Symptoms of too big?
–you are known for taking credit for others’ work
–you take up too much talk time at meetings
–you feel like the world is right when you are on stage performing
–you know that things would not go well without you
–you love external events and roles more than you do the business

Make your list of what healthy ego symptoms look like and send them to me.
I’ll publish them anonymously next week.

Don’t be blind to your particular ego-print!


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