Sunday, August 28th, 2016


I live in Maine and vote in Maine.
We have a Governor (Paul LePage) who is embarrassing at best and vile at worst. He may be a good person. Being an ex-HR/OD executive, I won’t judge who he is, but I will hold him accountable for what he does–that I can document. You as a top leader would probably have to fire him or tell him he is on notice and put him on a major performance improvement plan. 

Not your business. But, once again, I am supporting you to remember how important you are in setting the level for civil behavior and for demanding that differences be used as an asset not a hate gauge.

I did lots of work in diversity of the broadest kind. Inclusion not just tolerance, all kinds of differences not just the differences protected under the law, and a commitment to the belief that talent and competence comes in varied people.
AND that usually involved creating a safe environment of civil behavior. And yes, there were people in high agreement and in no agreement with these standards and efforts. But, they knew they had to manage their mouths and their behavior.

I write this blog primarily to remind top level leaders of the blind spots of power that come with the role. This is a thank you for taking a lead in seeing the power of differences and, more so, for demanding civil behavior (and learning
too) that seems to be far ahead of public arena. Thanks


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