Sunday, November 24th, 2013


We talk about the need for level five leaders as described in GOOD TO GREAT by Jim Collins.  They are to be humble about their top role while ambitious for the company.   

I absolutely advocate that top leaders use their gifts fully.  No hiding them under the proverbial basket.  Let them shine.  Be as powerful as you can be using your particular talent.  Enjoy what you can get done.  Stand out.
Be exceptional.  Lead with verve.

But don’t be blind to your ego who just loves to keep the focus on you.
The ego that is greedy, selfish, and dominates others.
The ego that won’t let other people win.  The ego that thinks you are sooooo
unique and special.  The ego that begins to love to be served by others, that enjoys being catered to.  

It’s a thin line between having powerful gifts and using them fully and being driven by an ego to be in a dominant role of status.

How do you know when the line has been crossed?

Gift power focuses on the job to be done, the art to be created, the result 
Ego power focuses on positioning and protecting the self.

Gift power like to share the gift, teach the gift, include others in the use of the gift.
Ego power likes to keep anything good for itself.  It is stingy and doesn’t share.

Gift power thinks the gift is special.
Ego power thinks it is special.

Gift power enjoys the work even without reward.
Ego power only works for the reward.

Gift power is exceptional
Ego power is common

Symptoms of when your gift power is sliding into ego?
You are scared when someone achieves something extraordinary.
You pull positional power too often
You remember someone who has pushed back on you and look for a time for pay back
You expect to be served by others whether it’s to go get coffee or to relieve you of the burden for preparing for a meeting
You begin to believe your own spin.



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