Monday, December 29th, 2014


I think I may have a big blind spot.  I don’t realize how awful most work
places can be and are.  I worked in a decent environment led by very decent CEO’s.  Not perfect at all, but decent. 

Reading the review of HAND TO MOUTH—Living in Bootstrap America reminded me of how so many workplaces kill the spirit and intelligence of its employees.

I offer a smorgasbord of quotes to be used as a smack on the side of all of 
our heads:

it wasn’t the meager pay, the  mind-numbing assembly lines or the plastic dust in the air. Instead, most employees complained “that they didn’t feel needed, necessary or wanted.”

–It would be nice to imagine a class of stunned M.B.A. candidates preparing to employ people like the author. They would learn how denying dignity corrodes attitudes toward work and authority.

—As a result of being treated without dignity was, says the author, “I just give up caring about work. I lose the energy, the bounce, the willingness.  I’ll perform as directed, but no more than that.  I’ve rarely  who showed me that he valued me more than my uniform—we were that interchangeable—so I don’ go out of my way for my bosses either.

—There are poor working class people everywhere, guys. You can just have a conversation with one, like a real human being: Give it a try. You’ll like it.”

Like I said, “This is a reminder or the obvious” but comes from the direct voice of a self-proclaimed working poor employee.  I hope it is obvious. I hope you work against this numbing out and loss of potential by equal caring for everyone in your company. Seems basic.  


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