Saturday, October 1st, 2016


At last companies are looking at killing the annual review along with the bell curve that assumes mediocrity rules and so-called high potentials get spoiled in terms of composition, development and career possibility and equally hard working people learn resentment and disengagement.

What is beginning to work differently?
—Unhook compensation from individual effort/performance
—Tie all compensation to company results. All
—Create a learning culture in which there is constant tweaking of performance
through mechanisms (like internal company apps) for on the spot information about what worked and what didn’t in terms of effort. 
—Anyone can ask anyone at any time for an assessment for results and for increased capability
—Co-coaching, peer coaching, is common and everyone is trained and become skilled in learning through action that moves the needle
Meaning and purpose and mastery and understanding the large picture and being part of it matter more than compensation differential
—People leave when the high feedback high learning environment tells them they are not doing their work well and coaching supports the choice. 
—Frequent, easy to do, both oral and written feedback done throughout the organization kills legal worries. Feedback comes from all directions and hinders bias.

Sounds naive? Tell it to a Millennial.


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