Monday, March 3rd, 2014


I continue to hear overtly or in more coded language that fear is necessary to motivate people to do their best work.  

How Cro-Magnon can we continue to be?

I hate to tell you but there is plenty of fear in the air without using it as a leadership tool. Fear of a world economy gone berserk, fear of acceleration of natural disasters that break everyone’s bank, fear of self-destructive political violence.  Hellooo.  That should do it in the fear department for almost anyone.

Continue to use fear if only by innuendo (like suggesting your direct report’s job is under threat unless he or she  solves problems that you yourself cannot). Hope you get the irony there.

So keep using fear if you want:

People to do good work only when you are present

To give people motivation to steal and lie and pay you back

A workforce focused on its own security instead of your customer

To be seen as powerless unless using punishment

Talented people to leave the minute they get the chance

A workforce without initiative who does only as told

Customers who can smell the oppression in your store or office

This is what you are choosing if you choose or use fear to motivate.  Duh?


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