Monday, July 20th, 2015


So, picture a string that goes from you, the CEO, to your prized customer
You want it lightly taut. No strain but highly sensitive. You tug it and the customer feels it. The customer tugs it and you know it right away.

Now, picture the string between you and your best customer and think about your organization:

— Who or what pulls down on the string so that the impact of a customer tug doesn’t get to you?
–Where is the string so loose and long that the connection to you loses its strength? 

–Who or what feels the tug but redirects it with strings they have added? 

— Where is your string about to break? 

— Where do you keep your end of the string?  Do you ask someone else to hold it?  Do you forget where you keep it? 

–Who or what function does the tugging for the customer thinking the customer is too dumb to know what they want, need or feel?

–Is your string too short and tight so that everyone responds to the tug all of the time or too long and loose so that no ones “feels” the customer

Know your customers are out there tugging and tugging and tugging.
Check your connection with the string model and adjust. Tighten, loosen, cut, lengthen, strengthen, untangle!!


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