Sunday, June 5th, 2016


I have been catching up on my business magazine reading and I’m a little
schizophrenic from it.

The reading tends to go from the staid sleep inducing sloooooow introduction of researche concepts that don’t matter much to a hyper hyper hyper creativity
adrenalin driven frenzy that may or may not make a company that will last. 
(I’ll let you guess the magazines from your own reading!)

I’ve been up close to both large weighty organizations in mature if not ancient industries to very small anything is possible wild idea start-ups. My fantasy is to bring together a group of CEO’s of companies of varying sizes and ages and industries to learn from one another. (I hope you do know companies are lousy at learning. Too busy, too into action, too scared, too arrogant, too fast, too uninterested, too not curious.) 

Large companies would relearn:
–the exhilaration of new
–the courage of having no option but bold
–the passion for creating
–optimism that makes no sense
–fun of fear of failure

Start-ups would learn:
–a little prudence goes a long way
–structure does not kill the joy
–how to get feet under an idea
–that growth alone doesn’t work the magic
–to respect lessons already learned

Wonder what a middle size company would say???


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