Monday, May 4th, 2015


I wonder:
—if you’re strategic planning has become listless, has no energy, is a rote exercise demanded by the calendar
—if you strategy is too constrained and defined by specific actions
—the back lash against vision (especially ‘statements’) has killed the drive for doing something radical and unique that only you and your company can do
—if you believe that you and your company are special
—if your strategy would fit any company in your industry
—cost-cutting supports your strategy or IS the strategy (a critical difference)
—if you’ve dumbed down the strategy to meet the competence of your company
   instead of bumping up the competence
—if you have mixed up strategy with goals
—if you as top leader can taste and feel what needs to happen and if you sell 
   and tell it well enough that no overt strategy document is needed.

Just wondering on a Monday morning.


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