Monday, August 18th, 2014


One of the best companies I worked for was described as “ploddingly dull” by Wall Street analysts and yet  they loved the company.  This well managed company set realistic goals and met them year after year after year.  Company leaders told analysts what they were going t do and then did it.  This company kept analysts on their side by keeping them informed–in-depth.  New efforts and innovations were shared. The company was trusted and its success pleased analysts.  

At the moment in time I worked in this company the culture that created
“ploddingly dull” was:

Competent at all levels–people just got the job done
Details got done right–boring wasn’t boring
Leaders did not exhort people, they involved them
Leaders set direction and got out of the way–course correcting gently
Change was constant but graceful, not disruptive
Innovation took place in prudent experiments
Talent development was systemic and part of the job. Nothing grandiose.
Business opportunities were scanned for using intuition with analysis

Left foot, right foot, staying the course.
How about a winning ploddingly dull strategy?
Do not yawn.


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