Monday, July 31st, 2017


I have had experience working closely with over twenty-five CEO’s–working from inside the company, not from outside as a consultant. I certainly could have gone the consulting route but I like being ‘in’ the day to day moments of great achievement and huge messes.
Thinking of the CEO’s here are ten flaws I saw:

—not telling the strategic message over and over again using the same language to all levels of the organization

—not being clear enough soon enough with poor performance so that improvement might happen

—not realizing every word and gesture of theirs is watched and put into the company grapevine

—being susceptible to flattery that blinds the ability to see clearly–self and others

—talking prudence and acting with indulgence

—not staying in touch with the grit of the business

—being impulsive about changes and then bored with them so they dwindle and confuse

—managing the Board and Wall St and not the business

—being too protective of people and not demanding enough

—not realizing the need for a trusted confidante–just one or two

I wrote each one of these with a specific CEO in mind
Next time, I’ll share  what they did very right
A competent CEO has flaws and big strengths


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