Sunday, August 6th, 2017


I promised I’d follow-up the flaws I saw with the signature strengths of
actual CEO’s I worked with closely.  No theory. Just experience. Another day we’ll talk about the specific impact of both the flaws and strengths

10 Signature strengths–the right one at the right time for the company

—Crazy love for the business that was contagious. This CEO couldn’t stay out of the stores and loved being with customers. New products and marketing ideas
sparked the company. Passion, passion passion.

—Strong moral ethics of a person that followed several ousted top executives and the company needed the ballast and trustworthiness of a leader to hold things steady as a new clean leaf was turned,

—Steady and innovative, two often incompatible traits that were used to ride the wave of change with impeccable business insight was this CEO’s signature strength

—Charisma, energy and vision were the signature strengths needed to wake=up
a tired beaten down company and rebuild optimism.

—Easy going affability to enjoy people at all levels of the company and the
ability to be ingratiating personally kept many challenges during a time of acquisition less dramatic and traumatic then would have been.

—Charm, clarity and quick strategic instincts that led to quick decision and action with no regret was a needed signature strength to this CEO

—Restless curiosity, promoter of innovation, willingness to risk and determination to reach the goal through will power which helped move
reluctant projects and initiatives through quite a bit of resistance

—Operational expertise and focus to cut through barriers to efficiency and
logistical blockage combined with high personal work ethic and standards
needed to bring order from chaos

—Strategic and political brilliance and polish to move among various stockholders along with enjoyment of the industry that endeared this CEO to
most people in the company

—Marketing and Sales expertise with a natural leadership embedded not learned
with likeability and skill in collaboration

Every one of these leaders wanted to be CEO, had a strong ego, a good sense of humor and willingness to adapt to demands of all kinds. And their signature strengtht was what was needed for that particular company at that particular time. There is no once size fits all CEO and there is no CEO without plenty of flaws. The signature strengths simple outweigh the flaws.

PS–I WILL BE CHANGING TO WORDPRESS TO GO WITH MY NEW WEBSITE THAT CAN’T GO LIVE UNTIL I MASTER IT.  SO, WISH ME LUCK AND BE AWARE I JUST MIGHT MISS A WEEK OR TWO!!  Talk about flaws! Let’s home I dig up some strengths to do this!! As my dear 4 year old granddaughter says, “I can do this!!”


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