Tuesday, October 20th, 2015


I’m thinking of how the ability to ‘let go’ matters immensely to the top team or person. Much organizational pain has been caused by hanging on too long to all kinds of things, such as:

*the strategy that looked so good and was so exciting in its conception that just is not going to deliver

*the person who was your close colleague in the past but who now reports to you and is not competent (enough) in his or her role

*the grudge you carry against someone who seemed to be a dirty player and who now you see has some good qualities 

*the stereotype you have about certain functions that prevents you seeing their contribution accurately

*past mistakes, your own or others that stops a fresh start dead in its tracks

*a wonderful tradition or ritual that has become stale

*the fantasy budget, the stretch goals that are a joke to the organization

*pride in past success and methods that keeps you stuck in repetition

*the reality that the day will come for you to leave ready or not

The art of letting go involves intuition, receptivity to input, flexibility and an awareness that you too will have to let go and go when the dance is over


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