Saturday, May 13th, 2017

The Play Dilemma

I am a fun fanatic. It is the joy in my life. Laughing is my absolute favorite activity.
The best thing about fun is that it can’t be orchestrated. It can be encouraged.
And I take play seriously!!! Play for kids is earned rehearsal for ‘life’ in the best sense of living.
Exploration, mastery, persistance, winning and losing, pretending as a way to try on roles are all satisfying to the learner.

I stumble onto this topic without knowing what I wanted to say. I think it’s this.
Our organizations tend to be grim oldsters or day care centers. Why?
What does play and fun stand for?

Old Grim                                       New Daycare
not serious                                    essential
wasted time                                   supports work
disrespect for the work                   often is the work
foolish                                           serious about play
done after work not during              committed to fun
embarassing                                  proud of fun culture
orderly                                          chaotic

What is the blind spot for leaders?
Easy. Learn from one another
Neither is right or wrong
What supports a culture that gets the work done and keeps people committed?
AND wanting to do more for the fun of it.


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