Sunday, September 11th, 2016


Fifteen years ago on 9/11 I was in the office tying up loose ends before I left for vacation. The day in Maine was gloriously Fall. The burnished quality of the sun and the flat fabric like blue sky were iconic. I noted it and felt lucky for the break I was to take. 

I went to the Board room to find the CEO to touch bases before I left and was curious about the TV being on. I entered and for a moment thought my colleagues were watching a spoof of a King Kong movie. Then I heard the tone of the announcer’s voice and sat down next to my boss. We waited to understand the tragedy and then the second tower fell. I grabbed the hand of the CEO and we sat silently as we watched the world tilt and our American innocence slide away. 

It has not come back. How do we do important and good work in an atmosphere of random violence and a pervasive cultural anxiety that has become part of the fabric of our lives? That is a question we don’t think about often enough. We forget what we ingested on that shining Fall day fifteen years ago. 


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