Monday, June 16th, 2014


Here it is: 
You don’t know your impact on the people who do the real work of your company and touch your customers, your clients, your patients.
And you probably think you do.
Or worse, you don’t care because you care about:
Cash flow
Productivity per—-
Board perceptions
Analyst calls
Head count
Turnover (in both US and European meanings)

All of these things are important.
AND all of them get better IF you have the experience of your front line people in your DNA.

In this last week I had front line people crazy with frustration share:

–They had ridden the ups and downs of a health care re-structure with grace for two years but when they had to put their snacks on a designated shelf to meet corporate standard of hygiene, they were furious. They are so busy helping meet unreasonable service standards for patients that they can’t make it to the kitchen and back fast enough. Break times are an imaginary joke.

–“I can’t can’t seem to order this part. I don’t know how to get to the next screen.” (A repairman in my kitchen working on the refrigerator carrying a hand held device that weighed 10 pounds and looked like a museum piece)
“Let me TRY to get tech support.” He couldn’t do it. His outsourced role couldn’t connect with another outsourced role and he only had so many minutes in my home for a “productive” call. Then he took ten unwarranted minutes griping about the major retail company that wouldn’t let him do the work he actually likes doing and I need. Yes, it sure does dent my loyalty.

There are all kinds of reality TV shows now showing shocked bosses what really goes on in their businesses.  
And I bet your good intention is to “get out and about” and touch your company.  And I know how a calendar magnetizes you to your office.

The best solution I know is to bring the company to you.
It would be a rare person who would turn you down
Invite only people who touch your customers daily.
Do 9 at at time.  Group them differently. All one role.  All new to the job.
All long term people.  Random.
Make it someones job to make it happen AND to make you hold to it.
Every other week for a year.  You’ll get new ideas and a closer view of the reality show you are running


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