Sunday, July 3rd, 2016


It is Independence Day in the United States. This led me to think about what a radical experiment was initiated with the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Self government of the non-elite. Everybody entitled to search for their own happiness.

I happen to think these same principles create the best work environment in companies. I’ve worked in several. It takes a particular type of leader.
The writers of the US Constitution wrestled heartily about whether the average person could have useful options and power. It was an exciting dilemma to manage.

And still is inside your companies. You do lose some control. You do have more mistakes. You do have to have a high tolerance and trust of people working without overly close supervision. You do have to be committed and not waver with every period results.  You have to have checks and balances like budget and values and clear, clear strategy and goals and good mile stone management. Other than that, let your people go— to learn and be excited and accountable for themselves and their commitments. Let consequences teach. Don’t invent punishment or reward. This radical experiment of self determination and involvement is where an extraordinary “lift” comes from.
Takes a revolutionary courage.


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