Monday, August 4th, 2014


I’m thinking about the entry of new top leaders into a company.
Their job is  to generate confidence and immediately start making important 
decisions. Bold, self-assured, without being arrogant, jumping in, turning the ship around, creating new direction, starting a new chapter, blah blah blah they take action. The “first 90 days” mantra” hangs over their heads.

Any new top leader worth their salt should be a little bit scared, a little excited and a little overwhelmed.  This is one time to know you are a little bit timid and with reason. Don’t negate the wisdom of a little timidity.  If not, you will make big bold decisions too soon based on too little first hand smell and touch or you will wait too long to make a decision that matters most for forward movement to occur. You will probably find someone you like that knows how to please you and will give this person’s opinion too much credence. You may get paralyzed by too many disparate points of view.

You will have timid people around you as well, wondering what your impact will be on their scope and power.  They will pretend frankness or couch their opinions like a well seasoned diplomat. These are ways they manage timidity.

Egg shells prevail and no one wants to step on them. No one. That’s the blind spot. Everyone is timid and pretending not to be.  AND the other blind spot is that this timidity is normal, to be expected and healthy.  It is not healthy to act until you finally feel grounded in your own data, have developed your own point of view and have integrated it for yourself. So that it sits securely with you. It is the opposite of being hurriedly pushed to action.  It is the feeling of being very ready to act. The decisions sit in your gut and are comfortable. People around you are ready too. Timidity has turned to trust. You know this moment.  Don’t act until you are there.


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