Monday, February 23rd, 2015


In other words, what is it you want to create from your position and power as
a top leader?

Innovation tends to belong to  business and creativity to the artistic.
I’m saying that a passionate  leader CREATES to bring something new into being.

I’m saying that a high impact leader is a creative artist. There is a hunger for bringing something new to the company, something needed and wanted and not yet discovered.  Not yet articulated. This is the highest level of leadership.
There are plenty of good leaders managing the margin of growth, cost cutting with laser surgery precision, statistically knowing the market of their business and developing strategy in dry talk talk talk meetings. 

I’m talking about a different level of leadership.  Creative leadership is fraught with tension and the irritation of being ahead of the organization, scanning for what needs to happen.  

The process involves intuition and instinct based on deep knowing of the company.  It involves trusting yourself.  It demands patience as the leader lets
the possibility grow while it forms itself into something more tangible.  The next step it so test the readiness of the “idea” by talking and listening and listening to see if the new direction holds water.  The question is “have you captured the longing and yearning of this organism (your company) for the new thing it needs?”  If so, excitement and interest will build.  The creative leader will become a bull dog to make the thing happen. Then will come the roller coaster of execution of the birthing of something very new. This is where courage and stamina and optimism are demanded.  

Do you have the beginning, an inkling, the irritation of a new creation for your company.  Do you give yourself enough time to think, to intuit, to dream.
Does an idea have a hold on you?  Are you ready for the excitement of going beyond the day to day?  Do you have the physical and emotional energy?
Are you a leader who want to create the new that’s needed?

Being a creative leader is not for everyone nor needed by every company.
But if you are one, don’t sit on that creative energy.
It is your unique gift and opportunity.  Don’t let the habit of your business kill it.


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